All in the context of strong business sense

Ethnic Dimension is headed up by Jag Poonia.

She works with a like minded team of associate research partners from a range of ethnic minority communities.

All bring:

  • many years of research and consultancy experience
  • a deep understanding of the cultural norms and expectations of their communities
  • mother tongue language skills

Jag Poonia

Jag set up Ethnic Dimension in 1999 and says research gives her the opportunity to have conversations with people not always used to having their opinions heard. She enjoys the challenge of translating these conversations into insights that help clients make decisions that better meet the needs of their ethnic minority consumers. Jag loves the countryside, walking, wine and food.

Associate Researchers

Debra Winterson

Debra was over 20 years experience in market research, marketing and advertising. She has been involved in education and training for a range of business including FMCG, charities and education. She has recently finished her Masters in Coaching and Mentoring which has given her an added perspective when it comes to moderating groups. Debra loves animals and debating what makes people tick.

Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker has been conducting research amongst the Caribbean and African communities since 1996. Her research experience covers a wide range of issues such as music and entertainment, broadcasting, health, culture and lifestyle, public services etc. When Tracey is not working she loves to play the guitar and piano, composing songs, painting and travelling.

Radhika Howarth

Radhika has been a market researcher since 1990. She speaks several South Asian languages fluently and often conducts bi-lingual research and her particular areas of interest are health issues relevant to the South Asian communities. She has a diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition as well as a MA in Applied Research and Quality Evaluation. Radhika's passions, beyond research, are food and Bollywood.